Disaster Relief

Polk County Mission Center of Hope Disaster Response and Recovery

The Center of Hope (CoH), in partnership with Campaign 300 (C300), established a Disaster Response and Recovery mission/ministry in the wake of hurricane Harvey in 2018. What began as an immediate response coordinating donations/needs and receiving and distributing thousands of pounds of relief supplies, turned into a follow-on ministry to provide assistance to families that still had unmet needs in the wake of Harvey. In this capacity we canvassed the county for those in need, sought resources, and linked survivors with programs and funding to improve their quality of life. This effort led to families receiving new homes, home repairs, household items, furniture and appliances. In 2019, Polk County leadership approached the CoH and requested an expansion of our roles surrounding disaster response and recovery. Specifically, we were asked to formally take on the role as Polk County’s Volunteer Disaster Response and Recovery lead, which the CoH Board agreed to do. With this added level of responsibility, CoH now performs the following functions as part of its disaster response and recovery mission/ministry:

  • Coordinate volunteer organization responses to disaster
  • Manage and distribute all private donations (food, household items, dollars)
  • Arrange feeding for survivors and responders in the wake of disaster
  • Pursue teams and groups to assist with spiritual and emotional care for survivors
  • Work with non-profit organizations, churches, and government organizations to assist county residents in rebuilding their lives following disaster

To keep this mission/ministry running, we always need volunteers. The only qualifications are a heart for God’s people, the desire to serve, and a willingness to “run to the sound of the guns” when disaster strikes. If you are interested in being a part of the CoH disaster response and recovery ministry, call the Center of Hope (936-327-7634) and ask to speak to Mike Fortney.

CoH Disaster Response and Recovery is an extension of our mission to “Change our community through Christ” and our goal is to show His love through our actions in His name.